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Sharing our knowledge

  • It’s often thought that there is not much to do in Winter in the garden and I think it has more to do with the weather having an impact on our motivation to get out in the

  • I can’t help noticing the stem colour you see on shrubby Cornus (Dogwoods) at this stage of the year. They create punctuation in the Winter garden and when planted en

  • With all the Autumn hues gone, the garden is now a mix of evergreens, leafless trees/shrubs and perennials that have died back. Get those secateurs out, as it is time for s

  • The beauty of the red star-shaped Poinsettia cannot be missed during the Christmas season. Also known as the Christmas flower, it has a legendary story

  • Wishing everyone a lovely festive period with the family – best wishes from The Avid Gardener Team.

  •   As Spring approaches, you begin to notice subtle changes in the landscape with new foliage and flower bulbs emerging. Things coming to life…. All this change h

  • Ornamental grasses are not everyone’s cup of tea, as they don’t tend to bring the desired colour to your garden. I feel it’s the movement which grasses of

  • The Autumn season is certainly my favourite season, as I love the changes that the season brings. I have always been drawn to berried plants, as they provide colour during